Vision and Goals

Improving and providing  a sophisticated quality education to students,   in order to contribute to in development and the building of human civilization.


1)  Achieve educational Excellency in terms of majors and curriculums,  through taking into consideration  several aspects:

-The majors taught at this university are needed in this region, as it allows its students to achieve bright future, and the content develops according to the needs.

2) Designing curriculums  carefully, with taking into account the presence  of scientific and vocational aspects , as well as the overall aspects that are useful in developing students who will face the practical life after graduation.  In this regard, WPU will benefit from similar disciplines curriculums of international universities.

– English to be an essential subject  which students have to excel at it, in order to promote to the final year.

-Arabic language enjoys a special attention, particularly speaking and writing, as it is taught as a subject in the first years.

-Provide continuous technical  trainings for WPU staff  to improve their performance , and enrich them with scientific and vocational advancements

2) Achieve educational Excellency  through faculties, as they are the main pillar in the field of education, and their excellence is essentially linked with the university excellence in education and scientific research. Achieving  this requires:

-The formation of a primary core of the finest faculty is a guarantee for the quality of education in each discipline.

Attract the most qualified faculties to work for the university  by offering  incentives and  conducive work environment

Organizing seminars by faculty members at the university for graduate students and audience

invite Syrian researchers and faculty members living abroad to contribute to the development of the university and to teach some of its courses, especially those related to senior students or postgraduate pursuers.

Encourage communication between faculty members of WPU and  faculty members of  universities,  institutes ,and research centers in the country or abroad by organizing mutual visits and  workshops.

For the applied education fields, utilize the experiences of skilled businessmen, industrialists and agriculturalists  to provide a feedback on the real situations of business areas at the local, national and regional levels.


  • contribute to achieving the objectives of higher education in the Syrian Arab Republic, and boost up the level of  human, scientific, technical and cultural  resources , and link them  with the needs of society. Further, give the society special attention economically and culturally, and  meet the needs of current and future development through the adoption of distinctive, suitable,  and dynamic majors.
  • Enhancing  the scientific  research in the university , and directing it towards  serving and developing the society.
  • Contribute to the formation of a generation who possesses independent thinking and has the ability to innovate and participate in teamwork through scientific, cultural, sports and social activities
  • Dispatch graduates who can effectively enroll in job markets and be creative