Objectives & vision

   The faculty of pharmacy aims at :

-Providing the community with qualified pharmacists with specialized knowledge, skills and ethical values
 Enhance the scientific research through participating in scientific researches,  and promoting  scientific researches that contribute to the development of pharmaceutical sciences and cooperating with various health and pharmaceutical institutes to ensure the implementation of these steps.

. Adopting academic standards that validate the mission and vision of the college
. Raising the efficiency of the educational process, an ensure continuous updating  for the curricula,  and  the development of teaching methods, and encourage the  self-learning  concept by following advanced educational techniques.
.Developing the capacity of faculty, administrative staff and teaching staff,  as well as,  the employees to carry out their scientific and research tasks.



Identify the university as an international and regional  accredited institute for education and researches, which has an effective role in spreading knowledge and serving the society.