Message from the chancellor

A Message from the Chancellor

Professor. Ahed  Khezam

In 2005, the first stone of Al-Watanyia Private University (WPU) buildings was laid in a unique design that fits the fundamental objective  and distinguishes  it.  This objective is providing  quality educations  for people,  which is believed to be the first  goal for development.

The mission of WPU revolves around the use of science, knowledge and material and human potentials to achieve outstanding education and advanced scientific research to prepare academic and professional cadres to serve the community effectively.

Based on this mission, WPU has adopted a  set of program established according to the newest academic standards, which was supervised by a group  of experts and professors and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The establishment of WPU has been a significant contribute to the educational development of higher education sector,  as it opens wide prospects for students to compete in job markets.

The University is working hard to push for a well-established education system integrated with intellectual freedom in academic work and commitment to moral and human values to build a person who is proud of himself,  family, and country.