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Responsibilities  of Director of Media:

1)  Defining the role and mission of the university and seeking to present  a positive image of the university among its internal and external audiences.

2)  Publishing all the news and announcements related to the university,  and enable the media and journalists to get information related to the university.

3) Interact with the audiences, and supply them with information and facts.

4) Communicate with the media to spread the message of the university and its services provided students,  and to organize meetings and press conferences.

5) Follow-up with  public opinion trends about the university’s activities and achievements.

6) Prepare and issue bulletins related to university activities, and distribute them inside and outside the university.

7)  Provide media coverage and documentation  for all activities held by the university.

8)  Support colleges and departments in organizing  events and conferences.

9) Follow-up aspects of social activities for all employees of the university staff, professors and students.

10) Building bridges of communication with other Syrian universities