Human Resources

Main responsibilities:

Supervise and follow up will all matters related to the departments of HR , such as appointments, training, upgrading, wages, compensations, and evaluation as shown:

1) Suggest plans to supply  provide directorates and colleges sufficient human resources.

2) Participate in annual plans related to wages, appointments, promotions, trainings, in the light of the main objectives of the university.

3) Regular follow up with updates regarding policies, work laws, social insurance, and submit these updates in analytical reports.

4)  Managing the provision and updating of the University’s human resources,  and  work regularly on measuring the performance of the employees,  and developing their abilities and competencies.

5) Supervise the process of training the staff

6) Make effective periodic evaluation for the staff, propose the needed trainings, and  supervise its implementation.

7)  Periodic review of  with legislative progress related to staff , and ensure commitment to it and implementation.

8) Submit reports to the office of chancellor

9) Ensure the abidance to policies, and plans accredited at the university

10) Manage employee benefits ,  set controls to monitor their attendance and leave,  and take the necessary actions to ensure the rights of the university.

11) Observe staff’ commitment to work policies , which can organize the work sphere.

12) Participate in enacting rules and promotions  standards at the university.

13) Set a record that ensures  the files of the employees are completed ,and kept in a proper manner, while taking the necessary actions to ensure that the files contain all the required legal documents.

14) Document the work affairs between the university and the government .

15) All work assigned by the HR manager.