Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar:


Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine, that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature  across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. The Google Scholar index includes most peer-reviewed  online  academic journals  and books, conference, papers, theses  and  dissertation , preprints, abstracts, technical reports,  , and other scholarly literature, including  court opinion,  and patents. While Google does not publish the size of Google Scholar’s database, scientometric researchers estimated it to contain roughly 389 million documents including articles, citations and patents making it the world’s largest academic search engine in January 2018. Previously, the size was estimated at 160 million documents as of May 2014. An earlier statistical estimate published inPlonOne using a Mark and method estimated approximately 80–90% coverage of all articles published in English with an estimate of 100 million. This estimate also determined how many documents were freely available on the web.

 Private University was keen to have an effective presence in the field of scientific research, by having many of the participants in the international scientific field ,through the presence of faculty members as researchers and authors at the global level.

If you are interested,  you  can follow the activity of the university faculty & staff on this engine through the following link: