Main responsibilities:

Organize and supervise the work of the directorate:

1) Arrange the work with the banks that the university deals with.

2) Set the financial terms and conditions for  all tenders / auctions carried out by the university

3)  Supervising the fund’s inventory , and matching the restricted  balance with the cash balance,  and daily matching of bank statements.

4) Put the instructions for the annual fund inventory, and s match assets with liabilities

5)  Organize the estimated annual investment budget of the university according to the university plans

Make financial studies and handle the financial issues of the university.

6)  Follow-up  with the advances,  payment of the financial obligations,  as well as  monitor the university sources of income.

7) Follow-up of insurance matters on the university through contracts with insurance companies.

8) Regular check on storages

9) Prepare annual budgets, and final accounts

10) Supervise the procurement committee

11) Submit reports on the progress reflected on the work by the end of the academic year

12) All tasks assigned by the director