Examinations Directorate

Examinations office:

Documents for exams

Ministerial transcripts

Internal transcript

Courses descriptions

Academic warnings

Exams  Procedure

Prepare exams schedules  to include number of students, and distribute them to exams venues.

Prepare, print, and count  the exams  forms at the end of each semester.

Submit the names of valedictorians to the board of directors.

Ensure that  students meet the registration requirements (number of hours, academic warnings) in the registration process at the beginning of each semester.


Arrange the schedules

Prepare exams envelopes

Distribute the students

Invigilate the exams properly


Ministerial: numbers of males/females  students in each college and major.

Financial: Numbers of  expelled students based on academic warnings

cumulative:   pass/fail rates per year/semester


Graduation related decisions

Exams related penalties

Decisions of Board of Directors

The national exam results

Ministerial decrees related to examinations

Students requests regarding temporary graduation  notice, Objections, make-up quizzes)

Exams results

Table of secret codes used for exam procedure, and distributing students.

The completed exams.

Alumni office

1)  Reports

–  Students to be graduating every year

– Names of graduated students who completed their hours by the end of each semester

2)  Attested  photocopies of the graduates documents .

3) Statistics

– cumulative: Annual record of alumni

– Financial: Number of  alumni to follow up with the attestation fees with the ministry.

4) Prepare students documents  (temporary graduation notice), in case the graduates need them .

5) Arrange and organize the graduates certificates and transcripts .

Responsibilities of Manager of Examinations directorate:

1) Daily follow up with the procedure of examinations

2) Support the exam forms with  secret codes and seals

3) Explain the ministerial decisions related to exams for the staff working at the examinations directorate.

4) Audit the equivalence course for the newly enrolled students.

5) Respond to the mark-objection requests, in collaboration with faculties

6) Inspect and attest graduation certificates

7) Arrange training courses for staff in “arranging transcripts, and Academic warnings” and other matters related to examinations.

8) Submit annual report to the chancellor presenting the work that had been done

9) Arrange the fees which the graduated students have to pay, in collaboration with the finance department.

10) Evaluate the performance of the staff .