Engineering Office

Duties of Engineering Office:

. Participating in the preparation of projects of the new plans for the

university buildings and supervising the preparation of the necessary

studies and examining them carefully.

. Following up the implementation (achievements) of projects for the


. Following-up of supervision, studies and examining contracts with

the competent public authorities.

. Supervising the development of technical conditions and the files of

the construction works or replacement, renovation, restoration and


. Working on organizing and auditing the periodic statements of the

implementing authorities.

. Participating in the provisional and final receipt of completed works.

. Supervising the preservation of copies of all university building plans

to return to them when needed.

. Supervising and coordinating the organization of the gardens of the

university and following up on the implementation of the University


. Supervising the maintenance of electrical, mechanical, and sanitary

works and renovation, replacement and rebuilding in various

buildings and gardens of the university.

. Implementing (achieving) all the additional work assigned by the