Department of IT

IT director main responsibilities:

1)  Setting the necessary plans to secure the university needs of computer equipment, communications and software systems ,in accordance with the advancement  in the field of information technology, and effectively participate  in the development of books of conditions and contracts in coordination with the Directorate of legal affairs.

2)  Design public policy,  and short term strategy (one year), as well as,   long-term (5 years) for the directorate. In addition, ensure the proper implementation of those strategies, in coordination with the chancellor.

3) Set a documentation plan for the directorate

4)  Develop plans for upgrading  of the electronic  systems  of the university, through the university development team , so that the university would  start producing these systems, eventually.

5) Held periodic meetings  with the offices

6) Coordinate with international training centers and other universities to receive  training,  and obtain professional certificates through the university,  and to become an accredited center for granting international professional certificates

7) Demand the hiring of staff, when needed, and participate in this process , and select teachers in the computer center

8) Register & provide  international courses in the field of  informational engineering and telecommunications

9) Set plans to integrate the university in community supporting programs through workshops, training courses for students, clubs _as a method for advertisement_ and serving the society through coordinating with specialized directorates at the university .

10) Submit periodic reports to the chancellor to address the condition of the work, achievements, and the challenges.

11) Prepare a list of the requirements,  and annual budget of the Directorate in coordination with the Directorate of Finance, and follow-up its implementation.

12) prepare and adopt training course throughout the year,  and document its content.

13) Supervising the tasks of the networks section.

14) Execute the tasks of  privacy &data security section.

15) Arrange the preparation and renewal of the staff contracts.

16) Supervise the academic and administrative systems

17) All tasks assigned by the director

“Technical Supporting Team” main responsibilities:

1) Support the team with an effective work plan, and ensure its implementation.

2) Provide the university with the main equipments such as (computers, laptops, printers, network tools)

3) Ensure that the operating systems,  and the necessary servers , on devices and laboratories  are functioning  properly.

4)   Re-format , and install software  and identification discs for the university’s devices.

5) Supply the university with a set of programs that can serve the faculties and administrators in performing their duties.

6) Prepare  and give instruction guidance along with devices ( user guidance, work mechanism guidance)

7) Regular maintenance process supported with Barcode system for the devices

8) Oversee the technical support platform

9) All tasks assigned by the director.