Board of Trustees

1-Make the university’ public policy and its objectives, as well we, monitor and evaluate its implementation in the light on higher education policy

2-Accredit the needed plans to achieve the university’s goals and improve its performance

3-Make laws and instructions to organize WPU’s work, administration, and adjust its affairs.

4-Design the internal system which includes  internal regulations, finance system, and others to be attested by the Ministry of Higher education

5-Studying  establishing, merging, or disbanding of faculties, departments or academic programs.

6-Propose the designation of the chancellor, in coordination  with the owner, and submit the proposal to the minister of higher education

7- Designate the Vice-Chancellors of the University and determine the tasks of each  one of them,  upon an agreement with the chancellor , and the deans, and daetermine their wages and compensation.

8- Discuss and approve the annual plan_ submitted by  the board of directors for executive projects_ regarding the University’s policy and development projects ,with the owner.

9)  Discuss and approve the needed logistics for the university such as constructions, wages, compensations,  and rewards.

10) Discuss and approve the annual report, annual budget , the final financial plans, and submit a draft of the university annual budget to  the Ministry of higher education

11) Determine the annual install capacity , based on the rules adopted by the council of higher education

12) Determine in collaboration with the owner :  tuition fees,  residence fees ; including payment procedure and exemption, scholarships, financial and non-financial aids, and health insurances.

13) Approving the salaries scale, in accordance with board of directors proposal.

14) Accepting donations received to the university through endowment, wills, donations, grants and others inside or outside the Syrian Arab Republic after the approval of the Minister of Higher Education.

15) Propose the approval of cooperation agreements with Syrian, Arab and international universities concluded by WPU, and receive scientific figures after the approval of the Higher Education Council.

16) To consider any matters related to the University addressed by the chancellor, which shall not fall within the powers of any other party in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

17) The Board of trustees may form permanent or temporary committees of its members and others , and determine its duties and compensations.