Admission deferral system

Deferral System:

1) New students shall not be entitled to defer their registration until  the the end of the first semester

2) When a student breaks out of school without submitting a deferral request  to the Directorate of Student Affairs, students should re-apply for  a re-entry to the University

3) Student are permitted to withdraw from all course in the thirteenth week for both  semesters,  and in the sixth week for one semester without getting refunds.

4) When applying for deferral, the student pays for minimum number of hours,  as the amount will be used for the second semester.

5) The Board of Directors  may suspend the registration of students for a  semester,  if students  do not give any of the final exams of that semester,  provided, the board has to issue this subsection in the immediate following semester.

6) Students can  register for the  minimum  amount of hours which is  12 hours,  or the maximum which is 18 hours,  in the first and second semesters.

As for summer semester , the maximum hours is 9 credit hours and 12 hours only  for graduating students.