Academic advisor

The concept of Academic supervision:

Academic Advising is defined as an educational process aimed at helping and guiding students in

All aspects of study, psychology, social, ethical, educational and professional and frame his experiences

In order to achieve the basic objectives of education and become an active member of the community and contributes to solving problems that hinder the progress of his academic achievement. In addition, it acquires positive skills, attitudes and experiences in accordance with societal values.

The concept of Academic Advisor:

The academic advisor is a faculty member who guides and helps the students to solve their academic problems and improve their educational attainment, which is the basic reference for the student with regard to the university system.

Objectives of Academic Advising:

– Help  students to identify the characteristics of themselves, and understand their abilities, tendencies and trends.

– Giving  students the skill of self-control and self-direction, which means bringing them to higher levels of awareness about themselves, their possibilities and their understanding of their circumstances and surroundings.

Achieve compatibility and adaptation of students in order to facilitate their ability to perform various functions.

– Show care  to the cases of  educational stagnation students , and work on study the causes of this delay and provide therapeutic and preventive help.

-Providing preventive and developmental services that achieve productivity and efficiency in

Field of academic achievement.

– Help students to  discover their abilities and determine their goals and help them to draw their future  plans

– Making positive changes in the student’s behavior patterns towards the cultural, and social values of their society,

and  help them to discover themselves and make their own decisions.

– Introduce the student to the credit hours system, the approved marks system and the registration and deferral  rules

and postponement.

Areas of Academic supervision:

1) Academic Supervision:

It aims to help the student to adapt to the university, their colleagues and the academic system.

As well as, remove the reasons that lead to faltering and delay in reaching  their goals.

2) Psychological support:

Aims to guide the afford psychological guidance for students , as well as, to invest in the capacities and capabilities

of the student, in order  benefit from them in improving their educational performance.

3) Social Support

Targets to help students to adapt to their communities, and  enhance their roles  in serving the community.

4) Career Guidance

The job counseling aims to prepare the student to enter the job market by providing

them with the necessary skills to be distinguished in their future career.