A message from the dean

Pharmacy is a believed to be humanitarian  and ethical profession. Therefore, students of the Faculty of Pharmacy always need faculties that are distinguished by humanity and morals, and  qualified with knowledge and science ,so that  hey become familiar with all new developments in the various pharmaceutical sciences to be able to create  pharmaceutical staff with an insight into their future and realize their profession in the presence of globalization, global trade and rapid progress in scientific techniques.

First of all, I would like to thank Al-Watanyia private university  and especially the chancellor Dr. Ahed Khzam,  for the trust I have been given. I hope that God will help me to perform my administrative and educational duties to the fullest. As a dean of the Pharmacy, I pledge to present this scientific edifice, all of  my scientific experience in the field of education,  aiming at presenting pharmacists who will be the pride of Al-Watanyia Private University.  Further, I will make every effort to create the right atmosphere for the implementation of the lesson plans ,in the hope that we will dispatch qualified graduates , who are confident of themselves and give their best  to the   pharmaceutical industry,  and  contribute to scientific   researches by  developing  and improving the quality of the manufactured pharmaceutical products,  and able to Conducting pharmaceutical research to  follow up with the latest developments.

Dear faculty members, staff and students, we, if God wills,  will be together a trustworthy, respectful and  academic family. The success and progress of our college will be the result of the your continuous work, efforts and perseverance in accomplishing this task.

Personally, from the first moment, I took upon myself  to perform the duties of the Deanship of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the basis of cooperation with you to achieve our goal in building a reputation for our faculty that will have excellence impact on our dear homeland Syria especially after the vicious crisis that have passed through it.

I hope that I will succeed in achieving the vision, mission and goals of the College. I am confident in you and your cooperation to take great steps towards the development and achievement of the goals that were found for producing a generation of  qualified  professional pharmacists with great knowledge, as well as ,  qualified to develop the pharmaceutical industry.

All respect and appreciation for each member of Al-Watanyia  Private university .

Doctor Ghalia Sabbagh

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy