As a continuation for the international scientific partnership’s series…the “Scientific days in dentistry” event cracks the whip at Al-Wataniya Private University

Believing in the necessity of keeping pace with the latest advancements, and offer the fruits of researches and experiments in the field of science to its students. For the second year in a row, Al-Wataniya Private University has created the best conditions to host the scientific event for the senior students in fourth and fifth year, of the faculty of Dentistry, to learn about the best and latest technologies in the world for dental implantology, in cooperation with the strategic partners in this event; “The Italian University of Milan, and Ruba Al-Mimar Corporate, the exclusive agent of Prodent Italy for dental implants in the Middle East.”

The activities of the “scientific days” event started on Tuesday, August 31 and ended on Thursday, September 2, 2021, with a rich outcome of lectures, workshops and clinical operations in dental implants, delivered and implemented by the most eminent doctors in dentistry, the delegates of the Italian University of Milan, Prof. Diego Lopes, Prof. Mota-Jones and Prof. Canino Giovanni, and the guests are the representatives of Damascus University, Prof. Mazen Zenati and Prof. Wael Mahdi.

The President of Al-Wataniya Private University, Dr. Ahd Khezam, underlined the importance of this prominent event, in raising the ranking of the university, and adds valuable inputs to the university through collaborations with the best Syrian and Italian academic figures to secure the best educational opportunities for our students and to dispatch them confidently the job market.

Mrs. Ruba Al-Mimar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ruba Al-Mimar Dental Equipment Company and the exclusive agent of “Prodent Italia” in the Middle East, confirmed that this  academic event came as an extension of a basic and preliminary experience which started on February 2021, within the activities of “The Scientific Week” and a right step that goes hand in hand with Al-Wataniya Private University towards achieving our future goals and aspirations to enable future doctors to practice the profession with high craftsmanship by equipping them with the latest technologies, and updating  them with the latest scientific findings in the field of dental implants.

Professor Diego Lopes, the delegate of the University of Milan, his second visit  to Al-Wataniya University, is to consolidate the bonds of scientific partnership, keep up with the pace in the world of laser and surgical operations, after the great success achieved by the first scientific conference, which focused on dental implants, treatment of soft and hard tissues and orthopedic surgery.

Prof. Mazen Zenati indicated that Damascus University participated for the second time in a row with Al-Wataniya private University to exchange knowledge and experiences, but this time the new thing was a bouquet of theoretical and practical lectures about the difference between the scalpel and the laser by implementing some types of dental treatments, especially surgical and treatment of periodontal tissues. Focusing on modern methods and recent scientific research that recommends the use of lasers in tumor surgery,  In addition to clarifying the differences when the need arises to use different types of laser or the use of a traditional surgical scalpel according to the pathological condition. The students will walk out of the conference carrying a scientific and practical knowledge that will be added to their academic vitae, after lab trainings that introduce them to how to perform surgery, laser grafts and the correct real remediation.

While Prof. Wael Mahdi explained the need to focus on modern scientific aspects. He stated: currently, the non-specialist doctor is not desirable in light of the momentum of the annual increasing number of doctors, so every student must strive to obtain the best experiences in their specialization, in order to excel at the Job market. These lectures came to students in their fourth and fifth years to introduce the importance of modern laser technology in the dental world, and not currently included in the educational curricula, in addition to that, the practical implementation will be done manually by students on sheep’s heads to give them the basic principles of this technology, and encourage them to use it on patients’ teeth.

Al-Wataniya Private University was honored in the presence of the representatives of the Union of Arab Universities through the live broadcasting technology, the head of Hama Dentists syndicate, Dr. Mukhles Al-Jundi, the President and members of Al-Wataniya Company for Science and Development, the members of the Board of Trustees of Al-Wataniya Private University, the deans of faculties and faculty members & staff.