“Al-Wataniya Private university” crew has participated at the Conference of “Quality standards in Higher Education”, held at Al-Baath University

On Thursday, August 26, 2021, Al-Wataniya Private University has participated in the scientific conference entitled “Developing higher education within the framework of quality standards”, which was organized by Al-Baath University, in cooperation with the Syrian National Committee for UNESCO under the auspices of Dr. Bassam Ibrahim; the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, at Al-Basel Coliseum at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Al-Baath University.

The participations were represented in a lecture delivered at the main session, by the Dean of the College of Finance& Management, Dr. Hayyan Hamdan, entitled (The Impact of Total Quality Management on Job Performance, “A Field Study at Al-Wataniya Private University”), which aimed to identify the total quality management system at WPU, and study the relationship between total quality management as an independent variable, and job performance as a dependent variable. This was measured by the following indicators: “worker satisfaction, improving the quality of services provided, and customer satisfaction”. In addition to three posters about the participants’ research, namely:


Joint tripartite research for each of Dr. Alaa Nassif from Al-Wataniya Private university, Dr.Prof. Walid Sahyouni from Al-Baath University, and charge of affairs. Rasha Youssef, entitled ” Production of radioisotopes for medical use – Dense Plasma Focus Devices are a new technology for the quality of these isotopes”. In addition to another joint research by Dr. Alaa Nassif and Dr.Prof. Walid Sahyouni, entitled “Dense plasma focus device as a promising method for thin film deposition – a numerical study of Ion beam features from Dense Plasma Focus device”. Ms. Fatima Fadel; who is a functioning journalist at the department of Media at WPU, has participated with a paper entitled “The educational reality in Syria and the stage of recovery from the war, “The Map and the Road””.

In a speech delivered by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Bassam Ibrahim, he pointed out the importance of participating in this qualitative scientific conference, especially at this stage of global scientific and technological advancement, noting that the purpose of such conferences is to present researchers to the most important international standards and indicators approved in quality and reliability, in addition to  address our reality, as well as, our educational institutions, whether public or private, while enriching them with plans and visions to develop and support quality standards in educational institutions and research bodies, starting with university cadres, students and professors to curricula, exams, research laboratories and libraries and scientific research, for its role in community service and linking it with the job market.


The President of Al-Baath University and the President of the Conference, Dr. Abdul Basit Al-Khatib, explained that quality, and all-related comprehensive self-evaluation work and striving to improve the quality of academic education is not a new issue, as Syrian universities, through the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, have realized the importance of reaching academic standards which comply with their mission in proportion to their scientific status.  Therefore, within our strategy, we give the required attention to developing and improving all components of higher education and scientific research, in the light of quality standards and advanced visions, and link them with the “Job Market”.


Dr. Nidal Hassan; The General Secretary of the Syrian National Committee of UNESCO, stressed that the conference is an opportunity to meet with the 60 representatives of ministries, institutions, research facilities and specialists,  to enhance the exchange of experiences and hear about success stories, looking forward to deepening cooperation and breaking its future prospects with UNESCO and its regional offices in the fields of education. Science, culture and economy.


Basma Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Scientific Association for Quality, noted that the introduction of quality concepts and curricula in various disciplines and the establishment of new specializations in this context constitutes an enhancement to the knowledge of graduates on the one hand, and enhances the competitive position of the various institutions in which they will work on the other hand.


On the participation of Al-Wataniya Private University, Dr. Walid Sahyouni, General Coordinator of the Conference and Director of the Center of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation at Al-Baath University stated that: Al-Wataniya private University participated in four working papers, including a working paper that was delivered in the form of a lecture in the main session, and three posters within the exhibition dedicated to researchers’ participation, and the participations were distinguished and constituted an added value to the conference with their presentations.



WPU was also a sponsor for the conference along with the Syrian National Commission for UNESCO and the Supreme Commission for Scientific Research.


The conference was attended by a group of representatives from Al-Wataniya private University, which were: Dr. Hayyan Hamdan, Dr. Alaa Nassif and the Quality Assurance team, in addition to some faculty members.