For the first time Al-Watanyia Private University participated in the programming competition for universities, and the first round is over

Today, Wednesday, 11/8/2021, the Faculty of Engineering at Al-Watanyia Private University entered the first phase of participation in the ICPC University Programming Competition for students from all faculties within the university campus, whether they are students of specialization or other specializations, and they have the desire and sufficient experience to participate.

Dr. Ammar Rimawi (Head of the Department of Computer Engineering) explained that; the university software competition is based at the University of Texas, and is based on the principle of finding solutions to gaps in systems and programming codes, and starting with this stage of internal tests that depend on the idea of ​​liquidating participating students from within the university after they have completed their intensive training. The presence of qualified trainers to nominate the most efficient teams for the second stage, stressing that this competition is a distinctive addition to the students’ educational and practical journey, widening their horizons to the outside world. In addition, these activities raise the university’s world ranking.The supervising engineer, Bayan Mando, explained that, this competition is in its eleventh session at the level of Syria and the first for Al-Watanyia Private University. Previously, Syria has participated in the international competition, and ranked 21 out of 150, in 2019, and aims to test the students for new competitive programming skills through software tasks published by international platforms such as “Google and Facebook”, which contain gaps or problems that these companies suffer from. These tasks develop skills and ideas for those interested in this field. Thus, distinguished participants are polarized to be hired within their work team, whether they are students or a practitioner of software work without paying attention to educational attainment. In addition, to granting all participants’ international certificates documented by the “University of Texas”, and “the Maritime Academy of Science and Technology in Egypt”, with voluntary experience added to the participant’s scientific career.

Further Mando indicated: that Al-Watanyia Private University believed in the idea, supported it, gave confidence to its students, and facilitated many steps for the trainers and students.

The guest trainer of Al-Watanyia Private University, Naseem Daghestani (a student at the Faculty of Engineering at Al-Baath University – fifth year), who participated for four consecutive rounds in the programming competition, on the national and Arabic levels, and is a candidate for global participation, enriched his experiences with the students’ ideas while noting the gaps that they may face and how to overcome them, stressing on the importance of Participation in the competition to broaden awareness and benefit from the experiences of others.