A Protocol of Joint Scientific Cooperation between Al-Wataniya Private University and The University of Milan.(A pilot Movement in creating academic partnerships, and widening the horizons of international scientific collaborations(

Al-Wataniya Private university signed a “protocol of joint scientific cooperation” with the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Milan, Italy, and this step comes as one of the significant outcomes of the “Scientific Week” program in dentistry, which was set up by Al-Watanyia Private university on its campus between 13/2 / 2021 – 21/2/2021 in cooperation with the University of Milan, Italy, and Ruba Al-Mimar, the exclusive agent of “Prodent Italia” for dental implants in the Middle East. The importance of this scientific protocol stems from the fact that it paves the way for the signing of a comprehensive agreement within the corresponding specializations between Al-Watanyia private university and the University of Milan, which It occupies advanced ranks within the first ranks among the universities of the European Union. This agreement comes within the context of seeking to develop the capabilities of young students to innovate and acquire knowledge, and then improve opportunities for professional integration through the movement of students in both directions, and in his comment on this step, Prof. Ahed Khzam ensured the work the university is doing on  to activate and develop work with international academic institutions and to provide the university with all that is new and in a way that serves the interest of students.

Al-Wataniya private university was represented in the signing of the protocol by Prof. Dr. Ahed Khzam, the President of the University, while the University of Milan was represented by Professor Diego Lopes, and in the presence of Professor Samir Najeb al-Barazi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Watanyia Company for Science and Development, and Mrs. Ruba Al-Mimar, Director of Ruba Al-Mimar Company, the exclusive agent of “Prodent Italia”.