A New scientific research for Prof. Talal Assaf, In the American magazine conference IEEE


A scientific research has been added to the Archive of science of Al-Wataniya Private University

The research of Prof. Talal Assaf  titled “Three-Phase Induction Motor Short Circuits Fault Diagnosis using MCSA and NSC” was conducted in the name of WPU, in collaboration with researchers from MPEI university, and Al-Menia university.

The paper was approved to be published in the American magazine conference IEEE, The 3rd 2021 International Youth Conference on Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering (REEPE),

In his talk about this research, prof. Assaf said:

In this paper, a comparative study between two methods used to detect inter-turn short circuits in only one winding of the motor stator has been carried out. The first method is based on the Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA), while the second method is based on the Negative Sequence Component (NSC) analysis of stator current. The study showed the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and it also showed the change in the fault indicator for each method under different operating loads and in the presence of an inter-turn short circuit in only one winding of the motor stator. Experimental results proved that MCSA is more efficient to detect inter-turn short circuits in the stator winding

You may find the research in the attachments