A new scientific research by Dr. Omar Al-Zoubi is published in the Journal of Engineering Sciences and Information Technology

A new accomplishment has been added to the scientific researches archive of Al-Watanyia Private University, where the Journal of “Engineering Sciences and Information Technology” has published a scientific research submitted by the professor. Omar Al-Zoubi, who is a member at the faculty of engineering at Al-Watanyia Private University . The published research was titled “Improving the Performance of MIMO Fading Channel Simulators Using New Parameterization Method” 

The research aims to modeling and simulation of fading channels for providing necessary tool to develop communication systems. The modeling and simulation of MIMO fading channels is studied for both isotropic- and non-isotropic scattering cases for one-ring model, so in this context, three methods for MIMO simulation channel models are studied: Extended Method of Exact Doppler Spread (EMEDS), Modified Method of Equal Areas (MMEA) and Method Lp-Norm (LPNM). Three new methods are also suggested to design the simulation model of MIMO channel: Modified Extended Method of Exact Doppler Spread (MEMEDS), New Modified Method of Equal Areas (NMMEA) and Modified Lp-Norm method (MLPNM).The performance of each proposed method is compared with the original method by comparing the statistical properties ACF, 2D-CCF and CF of both reference and simulation models.

The research was published on 30 December 2020, issue no. (4), and volume (4).

It is worth noting that Prof. Omar Al-Zoubi has a scientific history at the university due to his previous publications for several researches.

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