Al-Wataniya Private University in Syria embarks its first Distanced-Learning experience”

Under the visionary guidance of the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education, the cultural student exchange program, which aims to strengthen cultural relations between the Arab Republic, Syria and other countries, was launched.

As a contribution to this program, Al-Watanyia Private University offered online courses titled “E-commerce” and “Management information system MIS” to students from Aviation University of Science and Technology in Bangladesh. The program was offered by the faculty of Management& Finance, and in coordination with the Quality and Accreditation Department.

The program began on October 31, 2020, and ended on December 3, 2020.  Dr. Majdi Arrif (PhD in Information Systems and Decision Support), delivered a series of Lectures on the course of MIS, which aimed to:  understand the concepts information systems, identifying the importance and utilization of different information and communication technologies, analyzing the decision-making process and understanding the different types of information systems. As well as, appreciating the social and ethical considerations of the information systems. Simultaneously, Dr. Abir Zidani (Chair of the Business Administration Department), lectured the course of “E-commerce”, which revolved around the importance of e-commerce, its significant features, limitations, and the future of e-commerce. In addition, this course discussed the nature of e-commerce between the organizations and the consumers, between organizations, and the concept of e-government. Besides, students were introduced to the most important electronic payment methods used in electronic commerce, concept characteristics, and procedures of the electronic contract & electronic signature. Lastly, the conditions that must be met in E-commerce, was the closing lecture.  The courses were delivered virtually in the building of Management& Finance College, where Ms. Jamila Zeir (The head of Quality assurance department) operated the processes of communication between the faulty, the ministry and the students, secured the needed logistics, and provided insights on the program.

As all the indicators imply, Al-Watanyia Private University is delighted to announce that its first experience in E-education has succeeded