The College of Finance& Management is graduating a new batch


With the presence of the chancellor of Al-watanyia private University Prof.Dr. Ahed Khezam, along with the dean of the faculty of Finance& Management Prof. hayan Hamdan, juries, and supervisors, the students of class 2020 have successfully defended their thesis. The thesis approached different areas within the sectors of industry, finance, and management, and were evaluated subjectively after presenting comprehensive explanations about its bodies. The juries have praised the projects, where the dean of the faculty Dr. hamdan stated that: the depth of these projects and their richness in information indicate that the university had played its role effectively in teaching the academic research methods. Also, Dr.Hamdan stressed on the need to make more efforts in order to make the graduation projects as similar to the postgraduate projects In terms of research methods as possible. While, Dr. Khezam emphasized on the importance of generating more efforts, and developing the tools & means of academic research, as it is the main pillar of education