The class of 2020 of the college of Engineering has moved the tassel

Under the presence of the chancellor of Al-watanyia private University Prof.Dr. Ahed Khezam, Prof. Dr. Talal Assaf, Dean of the faculty of Engineering, and heads of departments of the College of Engineering, the graduation projects of students of departments of IT &Communications, for the academic year 2019-2020 were presented before the arbitration committees. 9 projects were submitted, and they carried new innovative creative ideas that can contribute to solving the needs of society. Dr. Talal Assaf referred to the quality of the projects in terms of the topics presented, and the method of presentation that is consistent with the standards followed in this field, stressing on the need to make more efforts to improve the quality of scientific research at subsequent educational levels Dr. Khezam also expressed his pride in the progress of the projects that reflect the advanced educational level of the students, and the efforts made by the faculty members in the college, calling on the graduates not to stop their education at this stage, but to aspire to higher levels in education and scientific research.