The Teachers subsidiary Syndicate Run its Election at Al-Watanyia Private University

The annual electoral meeting for the Teachers Syndicate, WPU unit, was held at Al-Watanyia Private University, in the presence of Professor Dr. Ahed Khezam, the university chancellor.  The Syndicate was represented by Dr. Jihad Masouh, head of the Teachers’ subsidiary Syndicate office at the University of Hama, Dr. Yassin Al-Mohsen who is the representative of the Teachers Syndicate at Al-Watanyia Private University, and head of the Social Activity Office, Maher Al-Hussein Director of the Organization Office, and Nidal Qasbashi, Director of the Office of Members Affairs. The meeting started with a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs. Then, Dr. Khezam commended the guests for their efforts in developing the syndicate work. While, Dr. Masouh explained about the services provided by the syndicate to its employees presently, and about the returns it provides in, as well as highlighted the most important future projects that the syndicate claims to do.  The electoral process took place with the election of colleague Majd Kasab as the head of the syndicate office, the colleague Lama Shamout as the head of the Committee for Cultural and Information Affairs, and the colleague Sami Haris as the head of the Committee for Social Activity and Members Affairs. We wholeheartedly congratulate our colleagues, and wish them all success in their upcoming tasks.