Al-Watanyia Private University Joins the “Association of Arab Universities

As a major contribution to the “Pathway to Development” initiative undertaken by Al-Watanyia Private University, the university has completed a portfolio for joining “the Association of Arab Universities” (AAU), after meeting all the requirements for granting a membership at the AAU.

In this context, the efforts in creating this portfolio were multiplied by all staff at all levels, in order to create a strong portfolio that can serve the interest sufficiently throughout preparing a comprehensive precise and informative database which contained all of the required -by association information, simultaneously, served the university’s vision and strategy.

The visit of AAU delegates to WPU took a place on Tuesday, March 3 2020. They began their visit with a PowerPoint presentation, which highlighted the university’s establishment, and the significant stages of its development process. In addition, it introduced the university’s colleges and departments, the main supportive educational units, along with a general explanation about the infrastructure and the facilities, which the university provides. Afterwards, the delegates toured around the university to verify the extent of conformity of the information contained in the portfolio for enrollment of WPU, with the reality.


Where, the membership examination committee of the Association of Arab Universities concluded its work on Thursday 5/3/2020 in the Syrian capital, Damascus, headed by Prof. Dr. Khamisi Hamidi, Vice-general Secretary of the Association of Arab Universities, and both members: Prof. Dr. Amer Mardini, Minister of Higher Education and former President of Damascus University, and Prof.Dr. Dhafer Al-Sarayrah, Chancellor of Mutah University in Jordan. Delightfully, accepting Al-Watanyia Private University as an effective member at the Association of Arab Universities was the fruit of the paid efforts.