The cooperative protocol agreement between Al-Wataniya Private University, and a number of secondary schools in the provinces of Hama and Homs.

The cooperative protocol agreement between the Al-Wataniya Private University and a number of secondary schools in the provinces of Hama and Homs

Introduction (High school students fall into the interest of WPU)

The challenges that high school students go through in terms of selecting a major that serves their capabilities, interests and inclination are no longer hidden, as they are quite clear to everyone.  Further, those challenges extend to include taking into account the community’s need when choosing, in addition to the suffering resulted from the sudden qualitative shift from school life to university life in terms of shifting to hostels, changing in education patterns, and probably changing in culture. This issue has received the attention of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, where it directed the two ministries to intensify efforts and activate specific work mechanisms to find out this issue and work to facilitate the student’s transition to university life with all its implications. In this context, Al-Watanyia University has placed this issue at the center of its priorities and interests. Where Dr. Ahed Khezam; the university chancellor, supervised the design of a development program based on a scientific approach in its inputs, stages of implementation, and outputs, looking forward from this to laying a solid foundation stone in the process of building an integrated system between School and university.   The development Approach (Needs& Assessment)One of the most significant objective of this program is to assist high school students in choosing the suitable university major, to ensure that they set clear visions and specific goals in life, reconsidering the quality and degree of the relationship between the student and the school curricula at the secondary level. Further, to enhance the spirit of commitment and perseverance in them, and deepen the spirit of a sense of responsibility towards oneself and society.
In addition, integrating students with university life appears as a primary key for this program, as it aims at enabling students to form clear and realistic ideas about the university environment through realistic coexistence, with the establishment of solid ground for choosing the field of university specialization. By taking those needs into consideration, Dr.Prof. Ahed Khezam initiated the development program by beginning of the academic year 2018-2019, and a cooperation agreement was signed between Al-Watanyia Private University and each of the Directorate of Education in the governorates of Hama and Homs.

High school students, alongside  with university faculty members, high school teachers, university students and the local community are seen as  the target group for this program, therefore, the concerted efforts of these parties is the only way to achieve the objectives of this program, which was identified by Dr. Ahed Khezam is  follows:

1)    Enabling high school students to realistically inspect university life by introducing them to (colleges – departments – laboratories – logistical equipment – infrastructures – teaching, technical and administrative cadres)2)    Providing assistance to parents and teachers in high  schools to properly guide their children in choosing the appropriate educational attainment for each student according to their skills and abilities3)    Motivating high school students to improve their academic performances. 4)    Enabling students to develop a clear vision, specific personal goals in life, and reconsider the quality and degree of the relationship between the student and the curricula at the secondary level

  • Deepening students’ responsibility towards themselves, their future, and their societies.

6)     Create a positive impression about the concept of university life.

  • Building bridges of communication and cooperation with the various bodies related to the educational process, in order to achieve harmony and interaction.


There are suggested programs and activities for cooperation between the directorates of education and the university, in order to implement the program, such as  periodic scientific visits, trips between high school students and university students,  holding joint workshops between delegates of the two parties with participation in exhibitions, and attending scientific conferences held by universities. These tasks are within specific and clear organizational frameworks; therefore, the stages of implementing the program occur according to a scientific plan according to the following priorities:1)    Field visits to the university 2)    Weekly reserve of two classes for high school students, in which the professors of different faculties, explain what the students are expected to study in every major, and define what they will practice in their future career.3)    Distributing forms to students in which students show the major they desire to specialize in (architecture, pharmacy, dentistry,) and then collects the forms.4)    Organizing a visit to the university for students on Saturday. The student get the chance to attend a full day in the college they want, with the freshmen. 5)    The forms are redistributed to students, and check if they still desire the same majors. 6)    Analyzing the forms to determine the percentage of change in the students ’desires, and those who remain on their desire, and to follow-up and support them continuously with information on their academic choices.So far, five high school students from Hama & Homs visited Al-Watanyia Private University, which are: 1)     Al-Mara’a Al-Arabia School- in Hama province 2)     Al-Binaa School- Hama 3)     Karim Rida Said School- hama 4)     Al-Ghasanian orthodox School- Homs 5)     Al-Mutafoqoun Schools- Hama 6)     Sami Hamza Arafa School- Hama     The program will keep its function & achieving its objectives during the academic year of 2019-2020.