New publications have been added to the research library of Al-Watanyia Private University

New publications have been added to the research library of Al-Watanyia Private University. WPU is delighted to share the news of the publication of the following  two research papers conducted by prof. Alaa Nassif; an Engineering faculty members at Al-Watanyia Private University, and prof. Walid Sahyouni; a professor of Physics at Al-Baath University.


The “American Journal of Mechanics and Applications” published the research entitled “Study the Flux and Energy of the Helium Ions Beam Produced by Two Different Dense Plasma Focus Devices When Gas Pressure Changes”

This research aimed at studying the flow and energy of the helium ion beam issued by two different incinerator plasma systems when the gas pressure changes. This research was published in Volume (8), Issue (1) on pages {16-20}, in 2020.


The other research, which was titled “Nitrogen Soft X-Ray Yield Optimization from UNU/ICTP PFF Plasma Focus Device”, was published by “American Journal of Modern Physics”

This research investigated on improving the yield of soft X-rays when using nitrogen gas in the dense incinerator plasma system. Where this research focused on studying the issuance of soft X-rays and improving the yield; by changing the engineering dimensions of the studied device without the need to change its operating energy. The mentioned research was published in Volume (8), Issue (6), and on pages 86-89, in 2019.

Definitely, it is worth of noting that each of the researchers has published several other researches, in several scientific journals with the encouragement and support of the chancellor of Al-Watanyia Private University, to accomplish serious advancements in scientific researches.

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