Al-Watanyia Group for Science& Development hold its annual meeting at Al-Watanyia Private University


Al-Watanyia Group for Science& Development hold its annual meeting at

  Al-Watanyia Private University

The general committee of Al-Watanyia Group for science and development held its annual meeting at the conference room in Al-Watanyia Private University on 16/11/2019, chaired by the vice-chairman of Al-Watanyia group, Eng.Ahmad Al-Fadel. The meeting was honored by the attendance of: the chancellor of Al-Watanyia Private University Prof. Dr. Ahed Khezam, and the director of the group office Mr. Hayan Asaad Al-Bakry, and Mr. Ayman Abu-zaidon. As well as, by Mr. Muhammed Al-Mubarak; the director of finance directorate in WPU, in addition to  members of the Al-Watanyia Group, and the board of Trustees of Al-Watanyia Private University.

The meeting began with presenting the annual detailed report by Eng.Ahmad Al-Fadel who addressed the most important achievements carried out at Al-Watanyia Private University, on levels of newly constructed infrastructures such as the dentistry clinics building, the restaurant building, and the campus.  In addition, Mr. Fadel pointed to the laboratories that were devoted to colleges in 2018-2019, administrative offices that function to serve the education purpose, and the great efforts made by the chancellor prof.Dr. Khezam, the faculties, and the staff, in order to develop the university in all aspects.

The chancellor of Al-Watanyia Private University, Prof.Dr. Ahed Khezam, in his speech highlighted the role of intensifying the efforts in sophisticating the university to reach to the international standards, and mentioned the upcoming projects that will serve this aim. Dr.Khezam concluded his speech by thanking the Chairman of Al-Watanyia group Mr. Samir Al-Barazi, and the members of boards of directors & trustees for their endless emotional and financial support.

Mr. Osama Tawfiq Al-Ghazzi, the group’s auditor, presented the financial statement for the fiscal year 2018-2019 detailing the outgoing, incoming, exchange and expenditure costs, in absolute transparency, as usually done at Al-Watanyia group for Science and Development.

The meeting concluded with discussions on possible proposals & suggestions for the shareholders, which can contribute to developing, upgrading and achieving the objectives of the group optimally.