Al-Mutafawiqun High School students pay a visit to Al-Watanyia private university

The visit of the school to Al-Watanyia Private university comes under the development program which WPU has signed represented by the chancellor. Ahed Khezam with the directorates of education in Hama and Homs. Through this initiate, WPU strived to minimize the gap between life of university students, and life of school students, and help parents and teachers in schools to direct their kids during school phase to choose the perfect major which fulfill their desires and skills.

The visit took a place on Tuesday November 5, 2019, as they were received by: the HR manager: Millen Mkhawal, the director of students activity office: Osama Al-Halabi,  the director of Media: Isam Al-Jurf, and the bureau director: Lucy Al-saleby. The first destination of the group was the university central auditory, where Dr.Prof. Ahed Khezam presented his message; the vision of the university,  the programs, and the introductory film,  which were warmly welcomed by the school students. Following, the visitors received their gifts, and started a tour in the university, where the library seemed to be an interesting site for them, as they enjoyed the informative session  delivered by the director of Bureau: Lucy Al-saleby about the library history, objectives, and missions. Then, the visitors headed to the faculty of engineering building where the dean. Talal Assaf received them along with some faculty members who they showed them the college sections, and labs. Further, the visitors were quite amused by the faculty of dentistry,

As they were toured around by the dean, Hussein Al-Issa who introduced them to the faculty, sections, labs, and facilities. This initiate isn’t the first of its sort, as this tends to be the second time a school cadre to visit Al-watanyia private university  , and we look forward to many more visits from different schools. This kind of programs aims at:

1) allow students to explore the real life of universal through observing the function of laboratories, faculties, and facilities

2) Help the high school students to understand the life of university through organizing periodic visits to the university site

3) Form cadres of faculty members and administrators to organize the visits between the schools and the university. Moreover, explain the university majors and academic curriculums to the students.

4) Create& distribute “desired major” sheets on students, in order to help them determine their desired major at University, and study the possibility of letting students attend some lectures before giving admissions.

The chancellery office, through the directorate of media, would like to highlight its serious commitment to advance it’s academic programs_ in collaborating with developmental entities_ which will eventually lead to a comprehensive development of education. At last not least, the chancellor, board of Trustees, board of directors, faculties, and administrators are grateful for the initiative taken by the school, and hope to generate more collaborations.