The Graduation ceremony of the fifth batch of students Al-Watanyia Private university

“Building responsible human beings, cultivating hopes, and shaping the way for the future are among the priorities of our investments at Al-Watanyia Private University, where we believe that investment in human capital is the real investment”.

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education, the Chancellor of Al-watanyia Private university Prof. Ahed Khzam, in addition to political, religious, social, cultural, educational, security, military figures, and media, and a large number of parents of students, friends and relatives, Al-Watanyia Private University held in its campus, the graduation ceremony of its fifth batch, the batch of 2018-2019. The number of the graduates was 123 graduates from different faculties and majors.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence on the souls of the martyrs, then the national anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic. After welcoming the noble attendance, the parade of the teachers and graduates entered the procession, where they walked among the attendees in an organized manner until they settled in their places to announce the launch of the ceremony in a beautiful carnival.

The official ceremony started with the words of the representative of the National Union of Syrian Students, Manhal Halawani, who initiated his speech by greeting our brave soldiers who are defeating terror, praising the purity of their guns, which are sown in the hearts, and their pride in protecting the homeland, with the guidance of the president Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

Graduates are blessed with their graduation and are required to uphold the values ​​they have taken from Al-Watanyia private university such as discipline, strong work ethics and openness to others.


In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ahed Khzam, the chancellor of Al-Watanyia  Private University, highlighted the importance of this day, saying:

In the lives of each one of us, there are days that will be remembered forever, so is this day. This day will be marked as the end of one phase, and a start of many other phases, as this day will open up bunch of horizons for all of you.

Khzam added that:  since Its founding, WPU has set its sights to build the personality of students, provide them with knowledge and skills, and strengthen their expertise and foster their abilities and energies, further to enhance the spirit of leadership, research and creativity to become proud active elements in society, and serve their country in the best form.

Today, for the sake of humanity, we gather in this prestigious place to celebrate the graduation of the fifth batch of students Al-Watanyia private University, looking forward to the delight and joy of providing the community with academic and professional cadres that contribute to the reconstruction of the country along with the victories of our brave army against terrorism.

The ceremony was honored by the speeches of the minister of higher education, Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim, and the mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Ahmed badr al-deen hasoun.

The graduates were honored by Prof. Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education, and colleague Darine Suleiman, representative of the National Union of Syrian Students, and Prof. Dr. Ahed Khzam, the chancellor.  Prof. Khzam, graduated the fifth bouquet with the caps tossed, and applauses and cheers in a wonderful carnival sphere, where the university was lit with fireworks and the hearts of everyone rekindled with joy.